6th - 7th October 2020
NEC, Birmingham

A wave of new legislation and regulation is hurtling towards the fleet sector, all demanding compliance. Are you ready?


With a raft of difficult challenges approaching, Fleet Live gives fleet decision-makers the chance to speak to experts and peers about how they are preparing for the future.

At times of dramatic change the opportunity to hear from experts and discuss issues with colleagues facing similar challenges is priceless.

A wave of new legislation and regulation is hurtling towards the fleet sector, some of it vehicle-specific, some more general, but all demanding compliance. Clean air zones (CAZs), the new WLTP vehicleemissions testing regime, and the fresh set of data protection rules encapsulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will all have an impact on fleet decisions made today.

These issues, and several more, will be addressed in detail at Fleet Live. The event gives fleet decision-makers of all levels of experience a chance to listen, learn and share their thoughts and actions on the topics influencing the fleet sector.

Focused on executives from a fleet, purchasing and HR background, Fleet Live will deliver insight and advice on how to run an effective, efficient fleet. Take, for example, the introduction of CAZs in certain cities in the UK, which will debut in 2020 (2019 in London). With some councils considering a charge of up to £100 per day on any non-compliant vehicle entering a CAZ, companies need to adapt their purchasing decisions on new vehicles and find solutions for their legacy fleets. “Unless your vehicle is Euro 6, which many fleets won’t have because of the lifecycle of vehicles, many fleets are going to get caught out,” said Lorna McAtear, fleet supply manager, Royal Mail and a member of the Fleet Live Advisory Board.

“Most people know about London, but not so many realise quite how many other cities are potentially going to be affected and how many are proposing a levy.”

How easy is it for fleets to reallocate their Euro 6-compliant vehicles to cities introducing CAZ? How will businesses react if their company car drivers face a daily charge for driving to work? How can fleets apply pressure on hire firms to have Euro 6 vehicles available to rent?

“If you take a big fleet like us, I do not want to trunk between four cities and pay four different penalty fines,” said McAtear. “So what are the national solutions?”

For David Oliver, procurement manager, Red Bull Company, any knowledge and tips he can gather that help to, “run a more efficient, safe and compliant fleet,” are welcome. With rising driver noise levels around benefit-in-kind tax and the new real world WLTP emissions testing due to come into force, Oliver is looking forward to presentations that, “will address forthcoming changes in taxation and legislation, what you need to consider and how best to plan for that.”

The opportunity to learn from bigger fleets that have already taken action or assessed a range of options is high on his agenda for Fleet Live. “Plus the debate on fuel between hybrids, petrol and
diesel, and whether can you make a decision on a three or four-year cycle when there is so much uncertainty.

Anything that takes away uncertainty or gives me actual tools to use with my own fleet and thinking, would be hugely valuable,” he said.

Reflecting on previous events, Caroline Sandall, vicechair, ACFO, said: “As a general rule some of the most valuable sessions I have sat in on have been at points of time when there has been a major regulation change, and understanding the impact of it. Sometimes it can be difficult to look at a piece of legislation, particularly when it’s bigger than just car-related, and distil that down to its impact for fleet.”

The implications of GDPR on how fleets capture and store data provides a highly relevant example of a wider issue with which fleet decision-makers need to keep abreast.

“I would be going to every GDPR session available, because while I know it’s about data protection, what does that mean in terms of my data?” asked Sandall.

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