6th - 7th October 2020
NEC, Birmingham

Connected cars open way for ‘unlimited mobility’


Fleets will be ‘online, all the time’ in future as connected vehicle technology enables proactive real-time vehicle management.

Connected car technology is set to become a universal part of vehicle provision, enabling unprecedented vehicle insight for managers and opening a vast array of new services for drivers.
Duncan Chumley, managing director of Free2Move Lease UK said: “Individual vehicles will share a wealth of data about vehicle use and performance to enable much greater levels of pro-active management, while providing a range of driver-focused services to employees.” 

Chumley will be hosting a best practice session looking at new mobility solutions through connected vehicles, during Fleet Management LIVE at the NEC.

“This session will look at the opportunities connected vehicles will bring and the key fleet policy strategies that need to be considered, including risk management.”

Among issues being covered is the role of data, opportunities and challenges for fleet managers and the potential for commercial benefit.

The session is one of a number of added-value best practice seminars taking place at Fleet Management LIVE, covering issues ranging from funding to risk management and legislation.
For more session and speaker information, download the full agenda here.