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Fleet Live 2018: Get a deeper understanding of WLTP


WLTP, the new emission testing regime that is wreaking havoc with fleet orders and company car choices, will come under close scrutiny at Fleet Live.

Abel Leathem, product owner, WLTP, at JATO Dynamics, will analyse the implications of the new testing system, and highlight some of the early winners and losers in a regime that will determine how vehicles are taxed in future, both for benefit in kind and Vehicle Excise Duty.

Bottlenecks in testing as well as the complexity of testing any options that might have a material impact on a car’s total emissions, have led to delayed vehicle production and postponed fleet sales until there is more clarity about the impact of WLTP.

In broadbrush terms, Leathem said luxury segment cars are likely to see the measure of their carbon dioxide emissions rise by 18g per kilometre, city cars will see their figures rise by nine to 10g per km, while SUVs may actually see their official emission figures fall slightly.

“There is also a slight difference between petrol and diesel, with petrol emission figures increasing slightly less than diesel,” said Leathem.

He also highlighted how hybrid vehicles could suffer under the new testing system, because the figures will be based on a 60% battery charge, rather than a full charge under the current NEDC system.

“We’re expecting a higher percentage increase for AFVs,” said Leathem.

How the government chooses to adopt the new figures is not yet known, although its commitment to give an 18-month pre-implementation notification of tax changes suggests that the Budget at the end of this month will reveal more, if it’s to introduce the new figures as planned from April 2020.

Looking across the continent for guidance as to how Governments are using the WLTP figures throws up very different scenarios. In Finland, the Government has adjusted its CO2 bands so that its tax take is relatively neutral; in Germany, however, the Government has simply replaced the old NEDC emission figures with the higher WLTP emissions, although this only applies to an annual road tax where each gramme of CO2 incurs a charge of €2, so the impact of the change is modest.

Abel Leathem will be speaking on 9 October at Fleet Live in the NEC Birmingham.

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