6th - 7th October 2020
NEC, Birmingham

How funding can build a better commercial vehicle fleet


The commercial vehicle market is changing and fleet operators need to consider several key factors as they plan how to develop a sustainable, affordable fleet for the future.

Traditional choices that may have been used by fleets for decades are being challenged.

For example, as local authorities consider vehicle restrictions to combat urban air pollution, alternatives to diesel may need to be considered to maintain access to city centres.

Furthermore, funding methods are also coming under scrutiny, as businesses look at alternatives to outright purchase which minimise risk, maintain a low-cost base and also access external expertise which can support fleet development.

This means that it is vital to choose the right funding partner in addition to selecting a suitable funding method.

The level of support provided by any new supplier should mirror the business needs, from a full outsourced managed service to a funding-only solution.    

For companies that select a leasing supplier, operators should look to their provider to offer more than just a funding and maintenance package.

Richard Tilden, head of commercial vehicles at Lex Autolease, said: “The vast data source that leasing providers such as Lex Autolease hold can support insight into their own business best practice, operational savings and cost control.  

“The vehicle is a critical part of delivering the broader service or goods to customers, while also showcasing the company’s brand image.

“Vehicle choice, specification and selection are also important, especially in commercial vehicles as the right choice can bring huge benefits to a fleet operation.”

Tilden will be briefing fleets on commercial vehicle funding options at Fleet Management LIVE, held at the NEC, Birmingham, on October 3-4.

In a session titled ‘Van and Truck Funding – the way ahead’, he will provide expert advice on issues ranging from funding options to multi-funding versus sole supplier and the extras fleets need to consider, such as vehicle fit-out and equipment.

He said: “Fleets will get the opportunity to hear about the latest developments in the leasing market, benefit from information on what products and services might support their business and hear about our own best practice approach in vehicle choice and selection. 

“Fleet Management LIVE event is a key event in the business fleet calendar. This session gives us a great opportunity to showcase and share our knowledge from across our business and industry. Input will be taken from all parts of our business and from industry, including our leading consultancy team, engineers and in-life experts, focussing on sustainability of funding and vehicle choices.”


For full session information and speaker details, view the online agenda here.