6th - 7th October 2020
NEC, Birmingham

Fleet Live 2018: London’s cleaner, safer commercial vehicle challenge


The challenges facing commercial vehicle operators in the capital will be laid bare by a senior figure in Transport for London.

Lilli Matson, TfL director of transport strategy, city planning, will speak at Fleet Live about the authority’s environmental and safety objectives for London.

There are just six months to go before the city introduces its ultra low emission zone, and 12 months before TfL starts issuing permits for its Direct Vision Standard safety programme.

The role of freight deliveries, both in light and heavy commercial vehicles, is central to TfL achieving its goals.

“A lot of the changes that we are introducing to improve air quality or make places more attractive for people on bike and foot need to be thought through very carefully in terms of what the impacts are for freight. But we also need to cater for freight as an essential form of traffic in terms of serving London’s transport needs,” said Matson.

“As London grows, a key scarce resource will be space on roads, and prioritising who gets access to that space is critical,” she said.

The quid pro quo for commercial vehicle access is the expectation that fleet operators select the cleanest, safest vehicles for London’s roads. TfL’s goal is to achieve a 65% reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured on the capital’s roads by 2022 compared to the 2005-09 average, and to be a zero carbon city by 2050.

“Industry needs to be aware that there is this journey to zero emissions and an over-riding emphasis on safety,” said Matson.


Lilli Matson will be speaking at Fleet Live on 10th October. For more information, see

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