6th - 7th October 2020
NEC, Birmingham

Automotive Software Solutions to launch their latest fleet offering at Fleet Live

Grey Fleet DNABack

Automotive Software Solutions are launching their latest fleet offering at the FleetLive event next month at the NEC Birmingham, GREYFLEET-DNA.

Sarah Easton – Director, states that "the new service looks at the critical aspects of Driver, Vehicle and Policy that together provide a complete view of Grey Fleet risk and importantly how this impacts mobility choices.”

She continued: ”in building GREYFLEET-DNA our focus was to provide a stripped down uncomplicated solution that is easy to implement and manage”

The components include:

Driver – Checks the driver is qualified to drive and insured for business use Vehicle – Checks if the vehicle is safe and legal for use Policy – Checks policy conformity and helps shape policy decisions; environmental, vehicle type, emissions, mobility choices?

Sarah added: “following extensive engagement and feedback from a wide cross-section of the automotive sector it became clear that there was a need for a new, cost effective service to address the Grey Fleet challenge. Our response to this feedback is GREYFLEET-DNA that builds on our VEHICLE-DNA and EYE-D-ME products”

Come and visit us at FLEET LIVE at the NEC on October 8th/9th for more information.

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