3-4 October 2023
NEC, Birmingham

Tomorrow’s Fleet

See some of the best innovations that will transform the future of fleet and logistics at Fleet & Mobility Live this year!

Learn of new developments in the electric vehicle (EV), hydrogen vehicle and last mile delivery space.


First Hydrogen - demo van

See the static displays of the company’s inaugural vehicles, which can achieve a 400-600km range on a single fuelling.

Come and ask about the next gen vans. You can find them displayed on screens.

Clean Motion - EVIG

Calling all parcel/post, service management, pallet freight, food and drink, and SME fleets!

Come and find Clean Motion’s static display of its solar-powered 125-mile range Last Mile delivery vehicle “EVIG”. It can run just off solar if used within a certain range of operating area. 

Sports Drone Services

Come and see Skyport’s logistics drone up close!

Skyports Deliveries is a project based in Orkney, Scotland. Partnered with Royal Mail and Loganair with the aim of improving logistics in ports and hard-to-reach areas, they have developed the Orkney I-Port project.

Kerbo Charge

Have you got an EV but no off-street parking to charge your fleets? Kerbo charge could be the solution for you!

This cable charge can be easily implemented so that you can still charge your vehicles when you have to park on the street.


A solution for overnight van charging for those without home charging capability. It offers a 50kWh battery powerpack that gets collected from a hub at the end of the day and plugged into the van which is charged outside the house overnight at 7kW. The pack then gets dropped off in the morning (and gets recharged).