6th - 7th October 2020
NEC, Birmingham

The role of technology in driving an efficient fleet


Telematics is fast becoming a standard part of fleet managers’ toolkits.

It enables them to obtain extensive data about vehicles and identify opportunities to reduce risk, manage cost and drive efficiency.

For Rhys Harrhy, telematics product manager at ALD Automotive, the reason is clear, as it provides an array of benefits for fleet managers and drivers.

He said: “With HMRC issuing hefty fines to businesses that are found to have submitted inaccurate mileage claims – the record fine reportedly being £4.1 million – this is where telematics can provide extra peace of mind.”

This is in addition to the traditional benefits of telematics systems such as tracking the precise location of fleet vehicles, which can be used for everything from pinpointing the right vehicle and employee to send to call-out or for recovering stolen vehicles.

Before fleets act to introduce telematics, they need to consider a number of key issues -

These include being clear about their objectives and expected outcomes from the introduction of telematics and considering their requirements from any providers.

ALD Automotive will be sharing its detailed advice on telematics during a Best Practice session at Fleet Management Live at the NEC.

Harrhy said: “Fleets attending the FML session on telematics will better understand the purpose of telematics and the benefits for businesses wanting to improve cost reduction, risk management and operational efficiency within their fleets.

 “They will also identify the important things to consider before deciding on a telematics solution and hear how other businesses are employing telematics to help them achieve their objectives.”

The session is one of a number of added- value Best Practice sessions taking place at the event, covering issues ranging from funding to risk management and legislation.

For the full session info, download the agenda.